Monday, 23 February 2009

Hong Kong day 8, HK, Qatar

Well this is only a half day in Hong Kong. Did a final walk to the Wan Chai MTR station and had breakfast. Then headed to Time square to do some final purchases.
Right now we have just landed in Doha and our plane will take off around 2 am. The internet is free which is good but very poor quality to a degree gmail wont even load. My next update will be from London.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hong Kong day 7

Today is our last day in Hong Kong and I am very sad to leave :(. I really like this city and London should learn from it in many ways. We decided to head to Cheung Chau island this time based on our guides recommendation. We were pleasantly surprised and had a lovely time there walking along the rocks enjoying the sea view, riding people carrier bicycles and eating by the water.

Tomorrow afternoon we leave for the airport so maybe there will be one more update from HK if wifi is available at the airport.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hong Kong day 6

Today we met up with fellow Ricoh blogger Nevin from . After taking us for some delicious breakfast we went to Mong Kok take some snaps in areas we had not discovered yet. This was a great opportunity to talk about cameras. After showing him the cool dials on the RD1 my technical problems started.
The first was a dial miscalibation : the quality dial no longer aligned up with the paint markings. Fortunately I discovered while in the MTR that Epson put a dial calibration utility into the menu system. Secondly in the evening I discover that my computer cannot read my SD card... :(. I found a nice peice of free software from lexar to get back all my jpeg files fortunately but all my ERF raw files are for now stuck on the card. Will try to recover them in London.
After Mong Kok we decided to go to Pen Chau island which was around 45 minutes away on the ferry. I was not too impressed with the place although the sea view was superb even if there was a lot of humidity in the air.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Hong Kong day 5

Today we met up with Ricoh again :) This time at their offices in Kowloon bay. This was another opportunity to discuss cameras but also to hold the newly released Ricoh CX1. The model I held was not finished so I could not take pictures with it onto my SD card unfortunately. The build is very similar to the R10 but has a few changes. Although they removed the rubber hand grip it doesn't matter too much on this camera as they added a soft rubber piece on the LCD side that holds the thumb nicely. I was able to quickly test the HDR mode that seemed to give some nice pictures judging from the LCD screen. I did notice some MY modes on the dial but it was not possible to change the mode of a MY setting to HDR.
The LCD screen is very nice and the viewing angle is very good. It is also very fast even in low light with less ghosting and lag than i have seen on the R8. I hope to be able to check out this camera again once it reaches the stores.

In the morning, after checking wikipedia we discovered we were allowed inside the IFC2 tower, at least to the 55th floor. We went to take some pics there before heading to Kowloon Bay.