Monday, 15 December 2008


:) Ricoh has kindly asked me to send my beloved GRD in to check out my problem. I hope it will be an easy fix. 

Ouch, my dear GR-D1 is not happy. The usual 'camera crashes on the adjust button' problem.

This time I am able to replicate it each time, but unfortunatly I don't know how to fix it.


Ricoh GRD1 camera : Model TQ14104768

- Latest GRD1 firmware
- Factory reset
- Erased internal memory
- No SD card present

I power on the camera
I press the adjust button

The frame rate will slow down to around 15fps
All buttons on the camera will be unresponsive. If left alone it will remain in the vegetable state.
I press the power button and after around 10 seconds the screen will power off leaving the lens totally out.

I press the power button again. This time it takes 9 seconds to initizlise the camera and ready to take a shot.
I press the adjust button and here we go again, the same thing.

I think the camera has decided to die on me. Well not exactly die because all the menu functions can be accessed via the menu so the damage is only that my [ADJ] is inoperable. This is all the more saddening because the camera is only just out of warranty :(

If anyone has any ideas what I can do?

I have put a video here :

Ok, thought maybe my firmware was bad so rolled back to firmware : Firmware rel 1.08

Same problem .... *cry*

update : Tried master reset but alas still the same problem.

update : Based on Christian's suggestion that I should wait before pressing the [ADJ] button rather than pressing it after boot up didn't really work. Actually it's getting worse by the day. Instead of freezing now, the camera just powers off with the lens out.


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Coffee near carnaby street

R-D1s with Konica M-Hexanon 28mm f2.8 , probably wide open 1/45s ISO 800

Monday, 8 December 2008

My perfect camera found

While looking for a new lens for my R-D1 I came across something I missed for years. My dream camera already exists but is not digital unfortunately. I'd invite you to look up the Contax G2. It's design, features build quality, hand grip, dials and positioning, AF/MF capabilities and rangefinder make this camera something i want to own and use.
If only it was digital :(

Black one looks really mean :)

Aww need to stop looking at it because it's driving me mad.

Monday, 1 December 2008

1st official ricoh meetup

The first Ricoh meet up was great fun and I would like the thank all who attended. It was great to meet so many Ricoh geeks (can i say that? :) ) in one room. It was great to meet Frazer who told us lots and lots of stuff about cameras and especially Ricoh.
Here are some pictures, mainly event coverage that I managed to get with my GRD and some with the R-D1s I just happen to have found at the bottom of my Ricoh bag.

I will be adding the EXIF information a bit later on but wanted get the pictures out for now. It's a small selection but still many to put on one blog page. The rest I will add to my drop box gallery page.

I will edit this post later and put a few more details down :)